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RECLINER. Like new. $100.
9 - 551821

ROUTER/SHAPER. Delta, Model 43-505, 120V, $60.
9 - 551807

SHOP VAC. 12 Gallon. $20. 540-436-3752
9 - 551826

NOTICE - Please screen respondents carefully when giving away animals.
9 - 702017

Monday through
Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

"Tux" neutered male, 3 years old, black and white Pitbull mix; "Remi" Spayed female, 2 years old, brindle Pitbull mix; "Jasper" neutered male, 5 years old, brown and white Pitbull mix; "Blossom" spayed female, 3 years old, brindle and white Pitbull mix; "Olive" spayed female, 4 years old, brown and white Pitbull mix; Leo- neutered male, 2 years old, grey and white Pitbull mix; "Izzy" spayed female, 8 years old, black and white Pitbull mix; "Gretchen" intact female, 2 years old, brindle Shepherd; "Gary" neutered male, 5 years old, brindle Shepherd mix; "Raeven" 7 years old, spayed, black and white Pitbull mix; "Skeeter" 9 years old, neutered, brown and white Husky mix; "Alice" spayed female, 6 years old, tri-colored Hound mix; "Kane" intact male, 1 year old, cream and white Pitbull mix; "Buck" 5 years old, neutered, yellow Lab mix; "Rain" spayed female, 3 years old, white with merle spots Lab mix.

Mystery, dsh neutered male black 2-3 years old; Stacey, dsh dilute torti female 1 year old; Lucky, dsh female 2 years old brown tabby; Buddy, dsh brown tabby neutered male 9 years old; Scotty, dsh male grey 1 year old; Mango, dsh black female 2 years old; Nebula, dsh female 4 years old brown tabby; Thor, dsh black and white neutered male 2 years old; Minnie, dsh female torbi 3 months old; Blackberry, dsh black and white 2 months old male; Kali, dsh female dilute calico 1 year old; Kleo, dsh spayed female black 1 year old; Zena, dsh female brown tabby 4 months old; Jumba, dsh brown tabby male 4 months old; Tucker, dsh grey male 4 months old; Bruno, dsh black male 3-4 months old; Night King, dsh male grey 5 months old; Juliet, dsh female orange 6 months old; Romeo, dmh orange and white male 6 months old; The Singing Telegram Lady, dsh black and white female 4 months old; Twix, dsh torti 3 months old female polydactyl; Gimlet, dsh female brown tabby 4 months old; Fluffy, dlh black female 4 years old; Paper Clip, female torti dsh 1-2 years old; Alfred, dsh male grey and white 4-5 months old; Colonel Mustard, dsh black and white male 4 months old; Martin, dsh male brown tabby 4-5 months old; Simba, dsh orange male 3-4 months old; Bunga, dsh male brown tabby 4 months old; Miss Scarlet, female dsh black and white 4 months old; Mrs. White, dsh black and white female 4 months old; Butch, dsh neutered male brown tabby and white markings 2-3 years old; Angel, dsh spayed female white 3 years old; Ghost, dsh grey and white male 2 years old; Gretchen, dsh brown tabby 10 years old female; Rachel, dsh calico female 3 months old; Monica, dsh dilute torti female 3 months old; Pheobe, dsh torbi 3 months old female.

We frequently get in stray cats so if you have recently lost a cat please give us a call at the shelter to check and see if we may have your cat.

Come visit the shelter to see all of our animals available for adoption.

If you are missing a pet, please call the shelter immediately to report it. There is a good chance your pet will end up in a shelter if he runs away.

9 - 461041

Dr. Laurie Hammar
Veterinary Care & Pet Boarding
Pet Cremation Services
9 - 100908

DINING ROOM SET. Mission. Oak, Rectangular table, leaf, 6 chairs, lg lighted hutch. $450. 540-465-1465
9 - 552034

DRILL. Massey Harris horse drawn drill. $100.
9 - 551722

about 8 wks old, litter trained, friendly and ready to go.
(717) 734-3275
9 - 153340

Canvas Dog Crate, portable &
collapsible, easily fits a large dog, $50
9 - 309455

XL dog cage, 30"X32"X48" has 2 doors, like new, $45
9 - 309453

TABLE.Duncan Fife, walnut,Cherry finish drop-leaf, claw foot, $300.
540-636-9666 or 540-622-3212
9 - 551862

PRESSURE WASHER. Troy Bilt, 2600 PSI, Honda engine, 2.3 GPM, Gcv 160. $250
9 - 551713

Black & white cat, lost in the Glenmore area, near Nelson's Trailer court. Name is Baby.
Reward offered. Call 304-637-4001
9 - 113808

Puppies: Australian Shepherd, Mini Ausie, Golden Retriever
& Chorkie.
Call 906-466-2593
The Marquette Mining Journal
9 - 919331