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The Champion Township Trustees, Trumbull County, Ohio gives notice that a Public Hearing will be held on the 5th day of February, 2018 at 6:00 PM at the Township Administration Building, 149 Center Street, E., Warren, OH 44481 for the purpose of considering an amendment to the text of the Zoning Regulation. In Section 19: Zoning Certificate, the paragraph which exempts religious institutions, schools, and agenies of the state of Ohio from building permit fees will be deleted. A copy of the proposed zoning change is on file with the Fiscal Officer and is available for inspection and copying upon request to Peggy Mercer 330-847-7083. All persons have a right to appear in person or by representation to give testimony for or against the proposed zoning amendment.
#017-1T-January 17, 2018 #3477
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The Board of County Commissioners, Trumbull County, Ohio, met in Reorganization Session on this 4th day of January, 2016, in the office of said Board and duly adopted the following:
The Board of Trumbull County Commissioners authorized the disposal of unneeded, obsolete and unfit personal property through the use of an internet auction and expressed the Board's intention to do so in calendar year 2016. The internet auction will be conducted by GovDeals, Inc., 5913 Carmichael Place, Montgomery, AL 36117, (334)277-0372 website Full terms and conditions of sales and the full text of this Resolution, as adopted, are available from the Trumbull County Commissioners Office at 160 High St., N.W., Warren, Ohio or from Paulette Godfrey at General terms include that all property is offered, "As Is, Where Is"; inspections are available upon scheduling; payment is due from buyers within five (5) days of buyer's certificate payable to Treasurer of Trumbull County, Ohio, and must be removed within ten (10) days of purchase; state sales and use taxes are the responsibility of the buyer, and the Board reserves the right to establish minimum pricing and to reject any and all bids or withdraw any item from consideration.
Unanimously adopted January 4, 2016, by vote of the Board of Trumbull County Commissioners Mauro Cantalamessa, Frank S. Fuda and Daniel E. Polivka.
Attested: Paulette A. Godfrey, Clerk/Interim Administrator
#011-2T-January 11 & 22, 2018 #3474
20 - 1003474

Revised Code, Sec. 2109.32-.33
Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division
Accounts and vouchers of the following named persons and estates have been filed in said Court of Trumbull County Ohio, for approval and settlement.
2013 GDP 0018 Betty J. Kopey Third
2015 GDP 0100 Mary Borawiec Second
2016 GDP 0089 Mary Welch Amended First
A21077 Joseph H. Beran, Jr. Twenty-Sixth
2001 TST 0001 Logan Diles Seventeenth
2002 TST 0001 John W. Covey Sixteenth
2009 TST 0003 Dennis R. Vestal Eighth
2015 TST 0008 John Demidovich Second
2014 EST 0013 Ralph E. Nangle Final
2015 EST 0156 John K. Betker Final
2015 EST 0443 Victor Sibera Amended Final
2015 EST 0677 Kenneth G. Hughes Final
2015 EST 0678 Nancy P. Hughes Final
2016 EST 0575 David M. Painter Final
2016 EST 0718 Francis W. Tennant, Sr. Final
2016 EST 0727 Stacy Carr Final
2016 EST 0739 Herma W. Carpenter Final
2016 EST 0752 Marie N. Ruberto Final
2017 EST 0079 Leonard H. Spector Final
2017 EST 0493 David P. Powell Final
2017 EST 0590 Dora C. Perone Final
Unless exceptions are filed thereto, said accounts will be for hearing before said Court on the 28th day of February, 2018, at which time said account will be considered and continued from day to day until finally disposed of. Any person interested may file written exceptions to said accounts or to matters pertaining to the execution of the trust, not less than five days prior to the date set for hearing.
James A. Fredericka
, Probate Judge
#010-3T-January 10, 17 & 24, 2018 #3470
20 - 1003470

Notice is hereby given that Western Reserve Transit Authority (WRTA) is requesting bids for:
Bid Documents may be obtained as of January 10, 2017 from Western Reserve Transit Authority, located at 604 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44502, phone (330) 941-5762, and are also available for examination by prospective bidders and other interested parties without charge, but not to be removed from the offices of: Builder's Exchange, Construction Centre, 9555 Rockside Road, Suite 300, Cleveland, OH 44125; and Valley View McGraw Hill, Construction, Dodge Reports, 7055 Engle Road, Suite 103, Cleveland, OH 44130.
This project consists of: Purchase and installation of one new 10,000 gallon above ground gasoline tank; removal and disposal of one 2,000 gallon gasoline underground storage tank; upgrades to five existing underground storage tank piping and dispensing systems; purchase and installation of 750 gallon diesel exhaust fluid bulk tank.
A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting and tour of the project site, 604 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44502, will be held on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 9:00 AM.
Sealed Bids must be submitted in accordance with requirements set forth in the Bid Documents, and must be received in the offices of WRTA on or before Wednesday, February 14, 2018 by 9:00 AM, at which time bids will be opened publically and read aloud.
In connection with the carrying out of this project, the contractor shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or handicap. The Western Reserve Transit Authority has set a DBE goal of 3% for the procurement.
Western Reserve Transit Authority reserves the right to solicit or to waive a new solicitation, for new bids if sufficient effort, as determined by Western Reserve Transit Authority, has not been made to comply with the DBE goals and requirements.
All bidders submitting a bid certify that they are not on the Comptroller General's list of ineligible contractors.
A bid bond, cashiers or certified check is required at the time of bid submission equal to the amount of the bid. Bid security furnished in bond form, shall be issued by a surety company or corporation licensed in the State of Ohio to provide said surety.
Western Reserve Transit Authority reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids, to re-advertise for proposals and to waive any informality in any bid and to determine the most responsive bid by its own criteria, as described within the specification.
The Authority further advises prospective bidders that all bids must be filed on the forms provided by the Authority and that all bids must be clearly marked on the lower left side of the outermost envelope with the name of the bidder, the words, ATTN: RFQ #UST2018.
#010-2T-January 10 & 17, 2018 #3468
20 - 1003468