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TO: Pamela L. Harbin
2360 Allyson Dr. SE
Warren, OH 44484
In the Matter of: Pamela L. Harbin, RN
On Sept. 14, 2017, the Ohio Board of Nursing issued an Order indefinitely suspending Ms. Harbin's nursing license and imposing conditions for reinstatement to be followed by probationary terms and restrictions, based on her plea of guilty to two (2 ) counts of Aggravated Possession of Drugs and one (1) count of Possession of Heroin and her being found eligible for the Trumbull County Drug Court Program, which violates §§4723.28(B)(4) and (5), ORC. On Oct. 17, 2017, the Board mailed the Order by certified mail to Ms. Harbin's address of record listed above. The mailing was returned for failure of delivery. Ms. Harbin is notified that her Ohio nursing license, RN-377516, is suspended. Ms. Harbin may be entitled to an appeal. A Notice of Appeal setting forth the Order appealed from and the grounds for appeal must be filed with the Board and the Franklin Cty. Ct. of Common Pleas within 15 days after the last date of publication of this notice and in accordance with the requirements of §119.12, ORC. Please contact the undersigned to ascertain the last date of publication. Any questions or correspondence should be addressed to:
Lisa Ferguson Ramos
Compliance Unit Manager
17 S. High Street, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43215-7410
#349-3T-December 15, 22 & 29, 2017 #3433
20 - 1003433

The City of Cortland Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N High St. The purpose of the hearing is to consider an amendment to the Planning and Zoning Code to allow Marijuana Dispensaries and Level II Cultivator as a Use Permitted Upon Review in certain Commercial Districts and to allow Marijuana Cultivator Level I and/or II as a Use Permitted Upon Review in Industrial District.
#349-1T-December 15, 2017 #3431
20 - 1003431

Revised Code, Sec. 2109.32-.33
Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division
Accounts and vouchers of the following named persons and estates have been filed in said Court of Trumbull County Ohio, for approval and settlement.
2000 GDP 0189 Frank J. Tursack IV Ninth
2006 GDP 0146 James Baker Ninth
2008 GDP 0169 Mary T. Setinsek Final
2009 GDP 0150 Nicholas W. Vestorsky Fourth
2010 GDP 0067 Mason James Rodgers First
2012 GDP 0194 Ronald W. Davis Fifth
2013 GDP 0064 Grace Irene Champlin Final
3025 Frank F. Bentley Fifty-Fourth
2001 TST 0002 Jeremy Wilson Seventeenth
2001 TST 0003 Jered Wilson Seventeenth
2004 TST 0001 David John Tarantine Fourteenth
2009 TST 0008 Amanda S. Allen Eighth
2010 TST 0012 Haley Nicole Cobb Seventh
2010 TST 0012 Haley Nicole Cobb
(Sequestered) Seventh and Final
2010 TST 0014 William Edward Lusher Seventh
2012 TST 0011 Ken Watson, Jr. Third
2013 TST 0003 Daniel Morgan, Jr. Third
2013 TST 0005 Phillip W. Keagy Third
2014 TST 0013 William G. Cauffield Third
2015 TST 0004 Gail Witherow Second
2016 TST 0012 Konstatinos N. Maroulis First
2014 EST 0757 Darlene K. Cole Final
2014 EST 0909 Charles C. Melius Final
2015 EST 0602 Harry W. Swym Final
2015 EST 0734 Virginia L. Heakin Final
2016 EST 0506 Herman O. Pulliam Amended Final
2016 EST 0683 Joyce Stafford Final
2016 EST 0700 Albert F. Broadwater Final
2016 EST 0952 Michaeline S. Anderson Final
2016 EST 0961 Betty J. Burtner Final
2016 EST 0978 Louis M. Polois Final
2016 EST 0987 Donna J. Hripko Final
2016 EST 1040 Madelyn E. Bellay Final
2017 EST 0064 Verna E. Taipale Prior Fiduciary's
2017 EST 0187 Clarence Knodel Final
2017 EST 0214 William McFarland Final
2017 EST 0414 Terrance L. Callihan Final
2017 EST 0434 Charliene Ann Vinion Final
2017 EST 0612 Joyce P. Barham Final
2017 EST 0649 Bettie Masaitis Final
2017 EST 0662 Albert R. Bonini Final
2017 EST 0675 Kathleen J. Blakeley Final
Unless exceptions are filed thereto, said accounts will be for hearing before said Court on the 31st day of January, 2018, at which time said account will be considered and continued from day to day until finally disposed of. Any person interested may file written exceptions to said accounts or to matters pertaining to the execution of the trust, not less than five days prior to the date set for hearing.
James A. Fredericka
, Probate Judge
#347-3T-December 13, 20 & 27, 2017 #3424
20 - 1003424

Notice is hereby given under Section 5715.17 of the Ohio Revised Code, that the Tax Assessment of Trumbull County, Ohio for the tax year 2017 has been revised and the valuations completed in the above tax year and are open for public inspection at the office of the County Auditor, County Administration Building, 160 High Street N.W., Warren, Ohio 44481.
Complaints against any valuations or assessments except valuations fixed and assessments made by the Department of Taxation of Ohio will be heard by the Board of Revision at its office in the County Administration Building, 160 High Street N.W., Warren, Ohio (Auditor's Office )
Complaints must be made in writing on blanks furnished by the County Auditor and filed before March 31, 2018. Failure to do so will preclude the owner from any relief.
This is an annual legal notice to the taxpayers and includes the new construction values as well as all new values established by the Board of Revision of all county property as ordered by law, for the Tax Year 2017.
#345-10T-December 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 2017 #3417
20 - 1003417