Hot-Ads Results
2 Reconditioned concession trailers, hot water & air conditioning. $1,000 each obo. 515-548-3817
8 - 270573

Fort Dodge
Deliver the Messenger around Fareway and add money to your pocket. We have a route open that is a nice 30 minute route in a quiet neighborhood that works great for an early riser. Pop out and deliver the paper and then on with your day.
Call Annette today at 515-574-4404
Ext 411
8 - 270540

$270 A MONTH
You could make an extra $270 a month plus tips delivering the Messenger in Rockwell City.
Routes take an hour or less and you're on your way back home. No collecting, just deliver and pick up a pay check.
Routes fill fast so call Annette today at
Ext 411
8 - 270541

$300 A MONTH
The Holidays will soon be upon us and your shopping budget could grow by delivering the Messenger between Duncombe school and the stadium. Add an extra $300 a month plus tips to your pocket. Routes take a small amount of time each day and then you are on to the rest of your day. Great for students, stay at home parents or early risers.
Call Annette today at 515-573-2141
Ext 411
8 - 270379

Riverside School
Deliver the Messenger by Riverside school and you could add $149-$280+ each month to your income. 2 Routes available in the area and they can each be delivered in 45 minutes or less each day. No collecting and a great way to save up for the holidays, make a car payment or pay down some bills.
Call Annette today at 515-573-2141
Ext 411
8 - 270290

Work 1 day a week and add money to your pocket. Messenger Extra routes are available now in Gowrie, Lohrville, Clarion, Manson, and Badger. Build your savings, pay down a bill or help your kids earn money of their own.
Call Josh or
Annette today at 800-622-6613
Ext 414 or 411
8 - 269806

Route available now in Emmetsburg. Add an extra $300 a month to your budget by delivering the morning Messenger. Routes take about an hour or less and then on to your next activity. Pay off your car, credit card or finish that remodeling project.
Call Josh today for more details. 800-622-6613
Ext 414
8 - 269715

Routes available in Fort Dodge for someone needing extra income or if your kids are needing money. Deliver the Extra just one day a week in Fort Dodge. Great opportunity for money in your pocket.
Call Annette or Josh today at 515-574-4404
8 - 267408

The Messenger Extra is currently seeking carriers for the Eagle Grove area.
Afternoon Delivery
One Day a Week
No Collecting

If interested contact

Josh at 515-574-4404
8 - 266338