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Columbus, Ohio Division of Construction Management
Legal Copy Number: 180406
Sealed proposals will be accepted from pre-qualified bidders at the ODOT Office of Contracts until 10:00 a.m. on June 21, 2018. Project 180406 is located in Trumbull County, SR 534-13.26 and is a TWO LANE RESURFACING project. The date set for completion of this work shall be as set forth in the bidding proposal. Plans and Specifications are on file in the Department of Transportation.
#141-2T-May 21 & 28, 2018 #3646
20 - 1003646

Sealed bids for McDonald High School Masonry Repair will be received by McDonald Local School District at the Board of Education Office, located at 600 Iowa Ave, McDonald, OH 44437, until 12:00 PM, June 12, 2018 and will be read publicly and recorded immediately thereafter.
The proposed work consists of the furnishing of all labor, materials, and equipment necessary for the installation of security cameras as described in the Bid Documents.
Proposals shall be addressed to 600 Iowa Ave, McDonald, OH 44437; McDonald Local School District, and be clearly marked as BID FOR: Masonry Repair. All bid proposals shall be submitted in duplicate.
The Contract Documents, including copies of the Drawings, Project Manual, Proposal Form, Forms of Contract and Bond, are on file and may be examined at En-Ser Reprographics at 3707 Market St, Youngstown, OH 44507.
A Pre-Bid Conference shall be held on June 4th @ 3:30pm, at McDonald High School. After the conference meeting, the school building will be available for contractors' walkthroughs.
Questions are to be submitted electronically to Joseph Steines of GPD Group at
Each Proposal must be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check, or an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of ten (10%) of the amount bid or a bid bond in the amount of one hundred (100%) of the amount bid, such check or bid bond shall be made payable to McDonald Local School District and to be held as a guarantee that in the event the bid is accepted and a contract awarded to the bidder, the Contract will be duly executed and its performance properly secured.
The successful bidder will be required to furnish a bond for the faithful performance of the contract in the sum of not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the total price bid for the complete work, said bond to be that of an approved surety company authorized to transact business in the State of Ohio and shall be underwritten by a surety that is listed on the most current Department of the Treasury Circular 570, "Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds".
All bids shall be submitted on special blank forms furnished by the Architect, and shall be accompanied by a Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond conforming to Section 153.571 of the Ohio Revised Code.
McDonald Local School District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids in whole or in part, to waive any informalities or irregularities in the bids received, and to accept any bids which it deems favorable.
No bids may be withdrawn, after the schedule closing time for the receipt of bids, for at least sixty (60) days.
Mr. Kevin O'Connell
#141-2T-May 21 & 28, 2018 #3645
20 - 1003645

Sealed bids for furnishing all labor, material and equipment necessary for and incidental to the construction of:
5976 Mahoning Ave.
Warren, OH 44483
will be received by the Treasurer of the Board of Education, Champion Local School District, 5976 Mahoning Ave. NW, Suite B, Warren, OH 44483, until 1:00 PM local times, Tuesday, June 5, 2018, where bids will be publicly opened and read aloud by the Treasurer.
Bids will be received for: General Construction
Each bid must be accompanied by a Combination Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond in the sum of 100% of the amount of the Base Bid and all Alternates.
The attention of bidders is also directed to the Equal Employment Opportunity regulations which are applicable to this project.
The Bid Documents, including Drawings and Specifications, will be available for examination to prospective bidders and other interested parties at the office of the Treasurer, but not to be removed. Copies of Bid Documents may be picked up at the Printer, ROLLER REPROGRAPHIC SERVICES, 11907 Market Street, North Lima OH 44452, (330)549-0377, or can be shipped upon request after receipt of deposit (each Plan Holder is responsible for their own shipping fees). Responsible Contractors may obtain documents upon $50.00 deposit made payable to BSHM Architects), which deposit will be refunded to only PRIME CONTRACTORS that submit a bid and return documents to the Architect: BSHM Architects, Inc., 15 Central Square - Suite 300, Youngstown, Ohio 44503 within ten days of opening of bids, if same are in good and non-mutilated condition.
If, in the opinion of the Owner of his/her delegated representative, the acceptance of the lowest bid is not in the best interest of the Owner, the Owner may accept another bid so opened or reject all bids and advertise for other bids. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after closing time for receipt of bids.
The Board Reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, to waive any informalities in bidding and to accept any bid deemed most favorable to the School District.
Mark Harper, Director of Facilities
Laurena Rouan, Treasurer
#141-2T-May 21 & 28, 2018 #3654
20 - 1003654

Revised Code, Sec. 2109.32-.33
Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division
Accounts and vouchers of the following named persons and estates have been filed in said Court of Trumbull County Ohio, for approval and settlement.
1996 GDP 0046 Michelle Monroe Twenty-Second
1999 GDP 0056 Larry Fenstermaker Sixteenth
2007 GDP 0021 Robert Banner Final
2012 GDP 0049 James R. Clime Seventh
2013 GDP 0108 Robert Wissinger Fourth
2014 GDP 0106 Esther Yarbrough Final
A-18932 Raymond J. Wean Sr. Eighth
10954 Mantie L. Hunter Thirty-Seventh
1987 TST 0011 Sara Wean Thirty-First
1993 TST 0008 David Orsinelli Twenty-Fifth
1995 TST 0006 Nancy M. Whitlock Twenty-Fourth
2011 TST 0004 Sheree Egry Seventh
2016 TST 0014 Edith Elliot Final
2013 EST 0663 Getrude E. Alberts Final
2014 EST 0004 Traci Augustine Fourth
2015 EST 0545 Bonnie Baker Final
2016 EST 0348 Charles E. List, Sr. Final
2016 EST 0620 Thomas Thornton Final
2016 EST 1002 Robert L. Jones Sr. Final
2017 EST 0399 Mario M. Panissidi Final
2017 EST 0429 Larry G. Hines Final
2017 EST 0432 Mary E. Julian Final
2017 EST 0440 Lelia E. Narog Final
2017 EST 0575 Dorothy F. Frazier Final
2017 EST 0684 Earl A. Holler Final
2017 EST 0871 William J. Smith Final
2017 EST 0927 Raymond C. Brauer Final
2017 EST 1049 Carmen Vadino Final
2017 EST 1059 Michael S. Poullas Final
2018 EST 0012 Tom Hasija Final
2018 EST 0066 Estella Jefferson Final
2018 EST 0200 Joan Kovach Final
2018 EST 0201 Monica Mansfield Final
2018 EST 0278 Steve Kereszturi, Jr. Final
Unless exceptions are filed thereto, said accounts will be for hearing before said Court on the 3rd day of Juy, 2018, at which time said account will be considered and continued from day to day until finally disposed of. Any person interested may file written exceptions to said accounts or to matters pertaining to the execution of the trust, not less than five days prior to the date set for hearing.
James A. Fredericka
, Probate Judge
#137-3T-May 17, 24 & 31, 2018 #3648
20 - 1003648