Hot-Ads Results


Gallitzin motor route available: Tunnel Hill, Sandusky St., Church St., Approx. 75 papers. Approx. 1 1/2 hours to complete. If interested call Rob at 814-946-7477

Gallitzin, 2 walking routes: Approx. 25 papers each route, Approx. 20 min. each route. If interested call Rob at 814-946-7477

The Altoona Mirror has this Business Opportunity available East Freedom, Blue Knob, Portage Motor Route: Approximately 140 papers, Approximately 3 hours to complete. Pays about $400.00 every two weeks.

If interested contact Rob at 814-946-7477; 1-800-287-4480
or email rbernazzoli@
Must have reliable vehicle. Delivery is 7 days a week with delivery deadline of 6am Mon-Fri and 7am Sat & Sun.

Lakemont- 2 Routes available now. 87 daily deliveries. 1 hour 15 minutes/day. Appoximate profit $195 every 2 weeks. For more info, contact Kirk at 946-7414 or email

Delivery on all routes is 7 days per week.
Delivery deadlines are 6:00am Weekdays
and 7:00am Saturdays and Sundays.
Must provide your own substitute in the event that you are not able to deliver.

Circulation Department
946-7480 or 1-800-287-4480


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